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    • General Management综合管理


    • Ensure the Company’s internal processes / workflows are in compliance with China regulations确保公司所有内部工作流程均符合中国当地的法律
    • Ensure all qualifications and certifications relating to the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) industries requirements are met; and timely renewed. This includes, but not limited to, Certificate of Qualification for Institution of Import & Export Commodity Inspection and Survey, Business License确保现有的资质, 证书及各类与检测认证业务相关的资格证书及时更新及符合中国当地的法律要求 ( 如:进出口商品检验鉴定机构资格证书,公司营业执照)
    • Act as key contact person on behalf of Mr. Steven Shi, Affiliate General Manager I, UL-CCIC China, on public affairs tasks with local accreditation bodies. Ensuring all qualifications of laboratories are obtained (for example CNAS, CMA etc.) 协助施峻先生(UL-CCIC中国区总经理) 处理公共事务,并起到联络窗口的作用,与当地的认证监督管理机构保持联系,确保实验室获得相应的资质(如:CNASCMA等)
    • Keep Mr. Steven Shi abreast of all update and trends on TIC regulations (e.g. CNCA, AQSIQ, CIQ etc.) and assist him to develop new businesses and services 协助施峻先生进行业务发展或服务工作,及时了解当地检测认证行业的最新动态,了解最新的法律法规(如:CNCA的法律法规,AQSIQ的法律法规,CIQ的法律法规等)
    • Ensure the Company meets all internal and external audit requirements 使公司能通过UL集团内部及当地检测认证管理监管机构的外部审核
    • Strengthen the company culture by enforcing UL Core Values 维护公司文化,并贯彻执行公司核心价值观
    • Lead the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and act as BCP lead in ad hoc incidents作为公司业务"持续性计划"的协调人,遇到紧急事件时,需要指挥和协调
    • Ensure the operations of the Company are in order and all duties assigned by leadership team are delivered负责及确保公司日常的行政事务如常, 並执行由管理团队研委派的任务


    • Quality Management质量管理


    • Establish, implement and accountable for a quality management policy and system that met with the Company’s objective, policies and processes 制定、实施和保持质量管理及质量管理体系方针
    • Ensure the responsibilities and authorities for relevant roles are assigned and communicated 确保组织相关岗位的职责、权限得到分配、沟通和理解
    • Ensure the quality management policy, system and processes are regularly reviewed to meet Company’s direction as well as China regulations requirements 按照策划的时间间隔对组织的质量管理体系进行评审,以确保其持续的适宜性、充分性和有效性,并与组织的战略方向保持一致
    • Identify, review and correct the possible risks that may affect the customers’ conformity of products and services 鉴定, 确定及解決有可能影响顾客产品和服务的风险和机遇
    • Ensure the Customer requirements and commitment are met, including but not limited to CMA, AQSIQ, QTSB, CNAS, IAS, NVLAP, SCC, CBTL 确定、理解并持续地满足顾客要求以及适用的法律法规和认可要求,比如CMA, AQSIQ, QTSB, CNAS, IAS, NVLAP, SCC, CBTL
    • Demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the quality management system by: 对质量管理体系的领导作用和承诺
      • Accountable for the overall effectiveness of the quality management system and ensure that the intended results are met对质量管理体系的有效性负责及确保质量管理体系实现其预期结果
      • Ensure the quality management system policy and objectives are established and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the Company确保制定质量管理体系的质量方针和质量目标,并与组织环境及相战略方向相一致
      • Ensure the integration of the quality management system met with the Company’s business policies and processes确保质量管理体系要求融入组织的业务过程
      • Ensure the processes are carry through effectively with risk management mindset确保有效性使用过程方法, 及有基于风险的思维
      • Ensure the resources for maintaining the quality management system are obtained确保获得质量管理体系所需的资源
      • Ensure the communication on the effectiveness and importance of quality management system are carried out 沟通符合质量管理体系要求的重要性
      • Encourage, engage and support relevant employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system鼓励,指导和支持人员参与,为质量管理体系的有效性作出贡献
      • Promote and encourage continuous improvement鼓励及不断推动改进
      • Ensure the integrity of the management system is maintained when changes applies当策划和实施管理体系的变更时,保持管理体系的完整性
    • Environmental Health & Safety 环境健康安全


    • Ensure and Implement UL’s Environmental Health and Safety strategy and direction; as well as the below for each department: 确保落实UL的环境健康安全方针
    • The responsibilities of Safe Production, Occupational Disease Prevention; Fire Safety 确保落实各部门的安全生产、职业病防治、消防安全责任
    • Environmental Health and Safety management system, measures and budget associated with the operations确保落实各部门的环境健康安全技术措施和资金.
    • Health and Safety 3-level education   确保落实各部门的健康安全三级教育
    • Regular safety inspection确保对各部门实施定期安全检查
    • Attain all department’s Environmental Health and Safety Objectives and proposals确保达成各部门的环境健康安全目标和方案
    • Ensure all departments’ Environmental Health and Safety issues are solved and prevented recurrence properly确保落实各部门相关的环境健康安全问题的纠正预防
    • Responsible for crisis management, emergency preparedness and evacuation for employees when Environmental Health and Safety incident happened负责发生生产安全事故和应急演练时各部门员工的安全疏散和撤离
    • Report to the key and appropriate person when Environmental Health and Safety incident happened; and assist to follow up with appropriate investigation and management确保发生安全生产事故时,立即报告单位主要负责人,并协助进行事故调查和处理


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